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Subrogation literally means to “stand in the shoes” of another. In regard to personal injury law, subrogation is when a health care or disability plan such as an ERISA benefit plan, Medicare or Medicaid seeks to recoup benefits paid to a person who has recovered compensation from a negligent third party. The plan “stands in the shoes” of the injury victim, seeking a portion of the recovery.

In the competitive field of personal injury law, subrogation can become a costly issue. Properly handling subrogation claims can ensure that injured parties obtain maximum compensation for their losses. At Magruder Law, our firm has successfully handled numerous subrogation matters for personal injury lawyers throughout the nation. We handle all aspects of the subrogation claims, freeing the personal injury attorney to focus on all of the other aspects of personal injury case.

A Thorough Approach to Subrogation Law

Properly handling a subrogation claim requires a thorough knowledge of this complex area of law and acute attention to detail. In many cases, health care and disability plans have valid claims for a portion of a personal injury recovery. In other cases, not so much.  Moreover, oftentimes plans seek recovery for benefits paid for injury or wage loss not related to the accident. In all cases it is important to aggressively defend against the plan’s claim.

Serving Personal Injury Lawyers

As a subrogation law attorney, Linda R. Magruder knows firsthand the challenges and time constraints of handling personal injury claims for plaintiffs. When a health care or disability plan including ERISA benefit plans, Medicare and Medicaid pursues a subrogation claim against a personal injury recovery, it can significantly impact the compensation available to the injured party. Defending against such claims is a burdensome task that most personal injury attorneys would rather avoid.

Our firm is dedicated to taking this task off your hands, so you can focus on all of the other elements of personal injury claims. We are familiar with all of the successful strategies in defending against subrogation reimbursement claims involving ERISA benefit plans, plans for federal employees, and other health and disability benefit plans.

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